Caravan & Motorhome Gas Fitting & Repairs

Rapid Gas & Plumbing are one of the few companies in Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula authorised to perform caravan or motorhome gas fitting. We take caravan or motorhome gas very seriously as caravan or motorhome owners rely on the professionalism and competence of a fully licensed caravan or motorhome gas fitters to ensure safety of themselves, family and friend whilst on the road and in parks with gas safety requirements met and gas bottles, regulators, appliances, piping and valves installed and serviced regularly and correctly.

There are many regulations concerning your plumbing and electrical installation in your caravan or motorhome, including Cooker clearances, gas safety checks, gas compartment drains, flue clearances and carbon monoxide.

The best solution for you is to call us and let us do the work correctly from the start. Otherwise you may be up for the cost of of removing an illegal installation and a new installation.

Imported RV’s are required to have an Australian gas compliance certificate before being registered for use, some imports require full removal of gas appliances and gas fitting lines, make sure you do your homework before purchasing an imported RV. If you have an imported RV, bring it to us for a 12 Point Safety Check so we can inspect and inform you of all plumbing and electrical requirements for compliance.

Rapid Gas & Plumbing can also organize Gas Compliance Certificate for your caravan or motorhome, which is required prior to registration. Call us today!

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